Isola dei Famosi June 5, televised eliminated, finalist, Camassa

During the evening, Corinne Clery, who had been eliminated in an episode seven days earlier, was welcomed into the studio.

Monday, June 5th from 21:45 am Channel 5New episode ofisland of celebrities. The evening, as usual, before Ilary Blasey. The critics are Vladimir Luxuria And Enrico PapiWhile the envoy is in Honduras Alvin. The host is in the studio Corinne ClearyI got out of the program on time seven days ago. Blassie, during the episode, relays the name of the new excluded: They’re in danger Fabio Ricci And Natalie Caldonzzo. In addition, the first final castaway is named.

Isola de Famosi Elimination June 5th

Isola dei Famosi June 5, the live broadcast begins

start theFamous Island on June 5th. The presenter welcomes Pee noise he’s at Corinne Cleary. The first topic is the tensions between Helena PriestesAnd Natalie Caldonzzo and the rest of the group. Caldonzzo speaks of the existence of “Wild goose group“components”They have no humanityMazzoli on Helena:He wants to do Raz Degan, but he’s a bad version of Belén RodriguezThen he adds:He said he would never win because Italians are racists“.

Blassie announces that various duels take place during the evening. The losers are in direct danger of elimination, while the winners compete to reach the final. The first battle between Helena Priestes And Pamela Camassa With victory going to the last.

Famous Island On June 5 continues the differences between Mazzoli and Fabio Ricci. The presenter interrupts the debate to read the result of the televote: Eliminated Natalie Caldonzzowho before leaving the play gives his Judas kiss Andrew Le Cicero, which has a nomination. We continue with the second duel of the day, which opposes Alessandra Drosian And Christina Scoccia. The singer feels so ill and has a nervous breakdown that she has to be pulled out of the water. Alvin. Thus, the winner is Christina.

Isola dei Famosi June 5 Nathaly Caldonazzo

Helena meets her boyfriend, Carlo

In the’Famous Island On June 5 there is a surprise for helena, Who can hug her boyfriend Carlo again. The contestant retrieves the ring that the boy brought to Honduras from the bottom of the sea. It’s time for the third duel, in which only four of the five men in the race can take part. To decide the names of competitors, there is a series of selections, starting with Pamela Camassa.

The leader chooses Andrew Le Cicerofrom which the following sequence arose: Marco Mazzoli > Luca Vetroni > Fabio Ricci. Therefore, Janmaria Sainato was excluded. Camassa also forms the pairs, and they are as follows: Lo Cicero with Ricci and Mazzoli with Vetrone. Whoever wins gets to go to the final, and whoever loses gets to a quick tele-elimination. Mazzoli and Vetroni win.

Submitted inFamous Island On the 5th of June, the elimination telecast opened: Alessandra, Fabio, Andrea, Helena and Gian-Maria are in danger. Meanwhile, Pamela, Cristina, Marco and Luca are faced with a challenge: whoever wins is the leader as well as the finalist. The first competitor to enter the final is Pamela Camassa. Blasi shuts off the TV flash and reads the result: he is eliminated Fabio Ricciwho before leaving the beach votes a Helena Priestes.

Isola dei Famosi 5 June who reached the finals

Isola dei Famosi June 5, bonus test

during the’Famous Island June 5 Marco Mazzoli You must convince Luca Vetroni to shave his hair. If they succeed, the whole group wins a grilled steak. The contender, after much hesitation, accepts. Caldonzo and Richie arrive at thelast chanceThey have to choose whether to stay or return to Italy. Both continue, and thus, the TV flash is open to final elimination: in fact, only one castaway can be on the playa at a time. He must return to Italy immediately Fabio Ricci.

Nominations begin. Sainato, Vetrone, Scuccia, Lo Cicero, and Mazzoli nominate Helena Priestes. The latter would like to eliminate him Andrew Le Cicero. Finally, Drusian chooses Gian Maria. Marco and Gian Maria both claim that Helena lied about the nature of her relationship with Carlo. The name of the group is Helena Priestes. She is joined by the telecast of Gian Maria Sainato, chosen by the leader Pamela Camassa. L’Famous Island From June 5 ends here.

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