Isle of Mtv is summer when festivals come back

In fact, the audience was trying to not only enjoy the music on the stage, but also watch it here and there Most Popular Influencers, hastened to give status to this event. When she was in the VIP area, she revealed herself Elisa Maino, an influencer and model with more than 3 million followers on Instagram, the eyes of Italians especially stopped following the concert in search of a photo even if it was at a distance. Not that the atmosphere on stage was not inspiring with the rapper’s performance French Montana And above all marshmallowA DJ with a gummy candy mask wrapped up the evening with a huge collection made of visual materials and fireworks shows.

With less than 6,000 residents, Valletta seems to be a vibrant city from a cultural point of view, and not just for itself Music week MTV organized it as a side frame for the main event, but also as a catalyst for diverse festivals – including opera music, as the city itself is a kind of huge open-air opera theater – and the capital of a country, Malta, which, even if small, is one of the most destined TV Investments and entertainment. On days like these, when young people from all over Europe invade the main island of the Maltese Archipelago, you live in Kind of short circuit: everywhere the buildings, the architecture, and the views of the sea, seem a continuous fortress of sweltering heat (given the history of invasions from the sea and various dominations); So, in some ways, even Maltese society stands in reactionary positions, if we consider that here Abortion is prohibitedDivorce has only been legal since 2011, and managing migration flows is often the subject of heated (and selfish) debate.

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