Ischia News & Events – Giardini La Mortella, Ischia: A musical tribute to Naples over the weekend, with English pianist Tyler Hay performing, the illustrious Tarantel

On Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 October, as part of the Autumn Musical Meetings, promoted by the Walton Foundation in Giardini La Mortella and dedicated to chamber music, English pianist Tyler Hay, originally from Kent, is scheduled to perform.

Tyler attended the Purcell School for Young Musicians, where he received a scholarship from the State Music and Dance Scheme, and completed his studies at the Royal Northern College of Music. In 2016 he won the prestigious Royal Northern Gold Medal Competition which allowed him to play at Wigmore Hall. In 2017, he was awarded a scholarship to major at the Royal College of Music, where he is currently continuing his studies.

Considered a talented pianist, Tyler has performed in Britain’s top halls and was the first prize winner in the International Overseas Association Competition and Liszt Community Competition. He has recorded several CDs with music by Liszt, Ogdon and Calcbrenner, and is a member of Talent Unlimited at Canan Maxton, a bastion of young musical talent. In addition to the UK, Tyler has toured concerts as a soloist and with concert bands in South Africa, Spain, Italy, Cyprus and Germany.

The program he will present to the public at Giardini La Mortella is a homage to Italy and Naples, with performances by Thalberg and Liszt, friends and rivals, both masterful pianists fascinated by Italian and Neapolitan culture.

Concerts will take place at 5.00 pm in the Recital Hall, Mortella Gardens.

Information and reservations: lamorella.org

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