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Is the historical rivalry between the United Kingdom and France renewed?

She is the favorite for the UK’s premier seat race, Secretary of State Liz TrussAnd about neighborly relations, he responds with a sense of British humor.
Is President Macron friend or foe? The jury is still out,” jokes Truss, who adds: “If I become prime minister, I’ll judge it by facts, not words.”

But the quick exchange of words during the electoral debate raises a question: Historical rivalry between Great Britain and France Is it turned on again?

In the heart of the Conservative Party of the counties of southern England, The majority of the Conservative Party voted to leave the European Union. And in a city like Royal Tunbridge Wells, France is seen by many as an opponent, especially after Brexit.

“I think the French do what they want,” said an electrician, when interviewed about Truss’s words regarding Macron, replied: “Isn’t Macron a friend?” Yes, I think Truss might be right.

“He’s probably right – another voter comments on that – also because reading the papers in the last few months doesn’t seem to me really our friend, especially with regards to Brexit. He targeted us.”

“I don’t know if the friendship will come into play. It’s just a policy. He has to do his best for his country and we have to do our best for our country” asserts a Tory fighter, who in any case defends Liz Truss’ right to have your say on this matter.

Liz Truss was undoubtedly playing the Tory game. But is this rhetoric likely to cause more problems between the UK, the EU and France? “.

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David Hennig, director of the UK Trade Policy Project, thinks the FCO statement was not a wise one: “The question of whether our closest is friend or foe is a bad question. Things are much more difficult. There is a joke in gears of a certain British sense of humor: so from It’s really hard to get yourself out between this, politics and international relations.”

question for After reports of Britain’s exit from the European Union So it’s back in the spotlight waiting for the new Downing Street tenant, who has called for a better course and political balance for the UK, as well as for Europe.

Although everything still needs to be clarified, Liz Truss has already begun to articulate the basis on which to base the new mandate.

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