Is the 17-year-old arrested in the UK an UBER and GTA hacker?

A 17-year-old was arrested yesterday in Oxfordshire, UK, according to an investigation into hacking activity. According to the police, the young man is still in custody, although no official details have been revealed.

However, Reuters reporter Matthew Keys says that unknown sources have reported that he is the hacker “related to Rockstar Games and likely to Uber incidents.”

The arrested hacker is allegedly linked to a group called $ Lapsus, which has been repeatedly encountered on the pages of Red Hot Cyber.

This is in line with previous claims by Breach Forums admin pompompurin who claimed the hacker was a 16-year-old called White (as shared by LegacyKillaHD).

According to Pompompurin, White shared evidence that he is behind the GTA 6 leaks via Telegram shortly before the evidence was removed altogether. They also claimed that White had previously been arrested for his ties to $Lapsus, something Keys also claims from his sources.

The message on the breach forum from the official Pomporin

White, the alleged hacker, was arrested in December 2021 on suspicion of hacking Microsoft, Nvidia and Samsung after their former partners murdered them.

As for the new hack, it was shared by teapottuberhacker – probably the same person as White – on GTAForums.

They also claimed to have hacked Uber, something that Keys sources also reported.

After the GTA 6 leaks, Insider Gaming spoke to several mods and hackers who claimed that there was a ‘A reasonable degree of certainty’ That the source code for GTA 5 has been stolen and may have been shared or sold to others.

Rockstar and Uber learned about the leaks and hacking and said the FBI was involved. However, there is no official word on whether the UK arrest is linked to the Rockstar or Uber hack.

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