Is Steam Deck OLED possible? Yes, says Valve, but it’s more complicated than you think –

steam floors It is only a year old, but many are already thinking about future versions of the console. One oft-discussed details is the screen: like the Switch, there will never be a file OLED model? The short answer from Pierre-Loup Griffais – a programmer at Valve who works on the Steam Deck – is that Valve “understands the limitations of existing Deck technology, in terms of screens. We also want it to be better. We are evaluating all possibilities”.

The longer answer is that Not just a screen swap to another. “I think people look at this as an incremental situation and think it’s a simple alternative,” says Griffais. “But in fact, the screen is the heart of the device. Everything is connected to it. Basically, when you talk about such a small device, everything is designed around it. I think there will be more work to be done than you think.” […] I don’t think we’re getting away with anything. But the idea of ​​just introducing a new screen and that’s it [è sbagliata]For it to be possible, it would take a lot more than that.”

When Valve was designing the Steam Deck, it was Flexibility of the LCD panel It was actually one of its top priorities, particularly the ability to dim the backlight all the way for comfortable low-light gaming and the ability to tweak the refresh rate to conserve battery life. Griffais says that, as far as he knows, this should also be possible on OLED, but requires specific configuration.

“It’s one thing You have to plan ahead. When we worked on this monitor, we made sure it could be supported, although refresh rate switching wasn’t ready at the time of publication. It was very important to us that all of this be supported. Therefore, this is something to consider when evaluating and selecting possible options. But there is nothing different between LCD and OLED, or between the different screen technologies, that makes them a barrier. It’s about how the whole system is designed and what’s between the screen and the SOC.”

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Griffais also says that it will take years to get a stronger version of Steam Deck.

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