Is Silent Hill inspired by a true story, or not?

Recently, the subject of numerous rumors and speculation about a possible reboot or remake of Silent Hill for PlayStation 5, the Konami series has always managed to arouse strong feelings of fear and tension in players thanks to it atmosfere dim.

What many wonder about is, as often happens in the world of video games and entertainment in general, even in the case of Silent Hill, the authors of the original work were inspired by facts and events that actually happened or already existing places to create your own product works, perhaps inspired by realistic and documented characters or settings. Historically.

In fact, even Silent Hill appears to fall into this category: according to what has been reported in some interviews by some of the developers, the setting for the first chapter of the series was inspired by a small town that already exists within the state of Pennsylvania in the United States. The city in question is called Centralia, An old mining town, transformed by a fire that first broke out in 1962 and never exploded, to ghost town Starting in 1984, only a few rare buildings remain that have survived the demolitions carried out by the government over the years.

The most striking feature of this city, which is also the most striking point of contact with the Silent Hill video game, is despite it being bleak. fog It has wrapped the streets of the area for decades, just as it does on Silent Hill. This phenomenon, alone as it is terrifying, is due to the fire that broke out in an underground coal mine which, due to the presence of huge quantities of combustion materials, has been burning continuously for years and causes Smoke and ash leakage from underground And the many cracks and faults that opened along the paved roads.

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The story of Silent Hill seems to owe its success not only to the genius of its creators, but also to a very unique natural phenomenon. Enough to make Centralia a popular destination To all the thrill-seekers who loved the chapters of the hugely popular horror series.

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