Is Serena thinking about that? Williams: I never said the word retirement

While speaking in the US on “Jimmy Fallon’s Night Show,” she ran parallel to another sports legend, Tom Brady, who’s back on the field after saying his farewell to football.

Have you already thought about it? “Sure Maybe,” a paraphrase of Oasis’ popular debut album. Maybe for sure. The truth is that Serena Williams bid farewell to tennis at the US Open, between tears, affection and hugs, but now it seems that she has changed her mind. Or rather, he can do it. “I never said the word back off,” Serena, who alluded to the popular “Jimmy Fallon Nightlife” show in the US, said her comeback door is always open. For this he used parallels with another sports legend, Tom Brady, the great NFL quarterback who bid farewell to football, then thought again and took the field again.

lost time

“I’m very happy, happy with what I’m up against. There are a lot of things I haven’t been able to do and want to do over the years, but I’m not going to rest, I just want to start enjoying what I couldn’t enjoy before – Williams said – what I mean is you never know I’ve talked to Tom Brady about his story I don’t see myself apart from tennis which has given me so much I’d like to do something but I don’t know what I would like to stay connected to this amazing sport It’s just been a light in my life and I want to continue to tighten it.” Some malice would say that Williams’ performance at the US Open was more than good, so much so that she beat the tournament’s second seed, Estonian Kontaveit. Maybe with a little training, who knows.

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Hi Roger

Meanwhile, Serena deposited her with another illustrious tennis retiree, Roger Federer. “Welcome to the retirement club,” Williams joked with the Swiss on Instagram. “I wanted to find the perfect way to say it because you were so stylish about it, like in your career. I’ve always respected and admired you. Our paths have always been very similar, so it’s the same. You’ve inspired millions of people – myself included – and we’ll never forget that.” Never. I salute you and look forward to everything you do in the future. Welcome to the Pensioners Club.”

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