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Is restriction of the right to abortion in the United States inevitable?

Monday Politician She had published a draft of a Supreme Court ruling that appeared to overturn a ruling that since 1973 had granted voluntary termination of pregnancy at the federal level in the United States. Chief Justice John Roberts then confirmed The credibility of the draft, which essentially confirms that the court is preparing to restrict access to abortion across the country. Democrats and major groups advocating for the right to terminate pregnancy are trying to figure out what they can do at this point, but they have very few options at their disposal.

In the United States, abortion is federally legal thanks to the “Roe v. Wade” case of 1973, but there is no single law outlining the procedures. Every state can regulate itself as it sees fit, within sentence limits: that’s why abortion was legal from In theory for years, it’s actually very limited in some heavily Republican states.

On paper, the simplest way to guarantee the right to abortion at the federal level is to pass a special law. On Tuesday during some spontaneous protests in front of the Supreme Court building, there were several cheers “Do something, Democrats!”To urge the party to take the initiative.

The main problem is that the Democrats do not have the power to do so, despite the fact that they control the White House and both houses. As with any major reform, the Senate would need 60 votes out of the 100 available to pass a new abortion law. Democrats are only 50, and they are sure they can’t count on the support of any Republican senator, and that they have to convince, in this case, Senator Joe Manchin, known for his anti-abortion stances.

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Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Manchin reiterated that he opposes any attempt at reform by his party: “I am not ashamed of my positions, and I have been very clear on this for forty years,” He said for a group of reporters. Just three months ago, Mansion I voted with the Republicans To prevent the Senate from even reviewing the Women’s Health Protection Act, a bill introduced by Democrats to protect the federal right to terminate a pregnancy.

Politician explain that so far party leaders have preferred not to offer a precise strategy to oppose the sentence, perhaps because they realize they do not have many tools to do so, but have instead emphasized “the need to direct this wave of discontent to collect the vote no later than November” i.e. the date of the midterm elections To renew all seats in the House and one-third of the seats in the Senate.

But for now, a Democratic victory in November looks far off. Midterms have historically rewarded the opposition party, currently the Republicans, although some observers believe a potential ruling upends Roe v. valley Can motivate Democrats before the voteIt’s still too early to tell.

Even at the state level, there’s not much the party can do to continue ensuring the right to abortion outside of states where Democrats rule.

In states such as Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and Kansas, Democratic governors coexist with local Congress where the majority is Republican, not interested in working together to continue to guarantee the right to abortion. And while many out-of-state Democratic governors are likely to work on the right to abortion as well, several in an open letter on Tuesday asked federal lawmakers and senators to lead the campaign.

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He writes that while politics is trying to find its own direction PoliticianThe burden of responding to those intending to protect the right to abortion falls on activist groups who are opening private clinics near airports and state borders, creating channels for distributing abortion pills in states that have been or will be banned. And raise millions of dollars to help women forced to leave their country to have an abortion.”

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