Is Playstation Spartacus real? New subscription rumors, what our sources say

In December there was talk of PlayStation Spartacus, Sony’s new subscription service Which should compete (or at least match the company’s offering) with Microsoft’s Game Pass. Today, new rumors are spreading about this issue We try to learn more.

As I mentioned VGCJeff Grubb spoke during his Grubbsnax presentation confirming that he has received new information about the new subscription service, Announcement will be forthcoming. According to the reporter, we’ll likely know more by the end of the month, Grubb sources talking about three different subscription levels maxing out at $16 per month:

The plans will be called Essentials, Extra, and Premium, and pricing is still tentative but will start at $10 per month for the cheapest plan, $13 for the intermediate plan and $16 per month for the most expensive premium plan. “

Also according to Grubb sources, the subscription is $16 per month It will also include free game trials And support for streaming games from PS4, PS5 and Mac During the additional subscription (and of course with the premium version) it will be possible to access a selection of downloadable but non-playable PlayStation classics in streaming, the catalog should include between 250 and 300 games. Access to the catalog Day 1 games in Xbox Game Pass style It doesn’t seem to be expected and Grubb talks more about EA Play’s style philosophy, with its famous 10 hours of free trial for members.

On the other hand, the basic plan will not differ from the current subscription
, keeping the three free games per month (plus any bonuses), cloud space for rescues, access to discounts, and of course online multiplayer. A Level 3 subscription will include all the benefits of Level 1 and 2 while the Medium subscription will also provide the benefits of a basic subscription.

Is it just rumors or is there something else? We have contacted at least two sources we already have Confirmed existence of PlayStation Spartacus (Temporary Codename), a service that will soon appear on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The monthly prices that sources revealed to us are $9.99 for a basic subscription, $13.99 for a medium subscription and finally $16.99 for a basic subscription. More expensive plan with live streaming, free game trials and possibly other benefits, prices can be converted in EUR in a 1:1 ratio but there is no confirmation.

Our sources speculate that they may be able to stream games from PS4, PS5, and Mac for the games in their possession and for the title catalog accessible with tier 2 and 3 subscriptions, but that’s only a hypothesis. The situation is not very clear and finally our sources told us that these plans have been set at the end of 2021 but only now the bid will be completed. at present No official confirmation from Sony is missing.

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