Is Naughty Dog working on the PS5 fantasy game? No, the denial has arrived

These days, the name Naughty Dog has been linked to a fictional project that has yet to be announced for the PS5. Rumors began to circulate when she was found Three illustrations From Senior concept artist Hyoung Nam titled Women of the North and accompanied by the following comment: Inspired by the new game, you know which one.

The illustrations date back to last November, but are back in vogue these days in a waveStatements by Neil DruckmanWho expected to be in action Its a great new game Which was also required to expand Naughty Dog. Players likened these artwork to the new project Druckmann mentioned, but apparently There is no correlation between the two. Nam, reached by IGN, explains that these innovations have nothing to do with Naughty Dog’s new work, and that Inspired by Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: This is the “new game” That he indicated in the description, which appeared only last November.

After the misunderstanding, the artist updated the description of the drawings on His Artstation Profile To clarify contact with Valhalla. For the new Naughty Dog venture, we can’t help but keep being patient. Cagnacci is still a veteran of Critical and sales success in The Last of Us Part 2, Which should also receive, sooner or later, a faction-style multiplayer mode from The Last of Us.

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