Is light medicine coming to amandola? Health Commission Chairman Sibillini is convinced of this

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– “I think that the return of the long-awaited medical ward of Amandola to his rightful city will probably take place in a year and certainly not now, as they would like us to believe” – says de Finanze.

Amandola – Department of Medicine or Light Medicine at New Amandola Hospital? This is the question posed by the chairperson of the Sibillini Health Commission, Luisa de Finanze, who continues to fight for the right to health services for the mountain community she represents. More than a question, his conviction is “based on reliable information” he says he obtained in the area. “We talked about light medicine in the time of Livigny and this is coming for Amandola” – he asserts – so much so that I wonder why we changed the regional administration if nothing has changed for us and Ceriscioli’s plans are implemented? “.
“I learned of the forthcoming acquisition on loan to use the FASTA 4 area of ​​the new health facility, which was built in Amandola in the Sports Stadium, financed by the Civil Protection, at a cost of more than €3 million. President Finanzi- We are following step by step what is happening with regard to the long-standing issue of the hospital which drags itself at the expense of the citizens of our lands.But I do not want to enter into the merits of the ongoing dispute, for I do not regard the use of an instrument as an exhausting argument, while I also think that the real use, which is to be used, must also be emphasized.

“I believe that in the structure that should house the medicine ward temporarily, there will instead be an extended hospital stay, an intermediate care, which has nothing to do with what was the real Amandola medicine ward – he continues – the reasons why this will happen soon. First First of all, the location of this building which is more than a kilometer from the radiological diagnostics, but if this obstacle is overcome, the urgent need by the Fermo Hospital for an “annex”, which ensures the possibility of using the beds for long-term subacute patients, which The burden is increasing on the reference hospital in Fermo. So I think the long-awaited return of the Amandola Medicine ward to its rightful city will probably take place in a year and certainly not now, as they would like us to believe.”

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