Is it better to use air conditioning or refrigerant?

Temperatures are starting to drop and citizens are already thinking about how to heat their rooms. Let’s see together whether it is more appropriate to use an air conditioner or radiators.


Several days ago, the first colds arrived in Italy and temperatures began to drop. This means that for many Italian citizens, the season heating the house But with the energy crisis in this past period, the concern about high prices Invoices I became very strong.

For this reason, many are wondering whether the use of a file air conditioner accommodate radiators to heat the rooms. Let’s try to clarify this.

Heating: how air conditioners and radiators work

air conditioner

For some time now, modern air conditioners have been equipped with inverter technology This allows them to enter the warm air in the winter.

The main difference between air conditioners and radiators is that the former raise Electricity consumption While the last of Gas. Also, air conditioners have Faster heating capacity Compared to radiators, its performance also depends on the outside temperature, which if it is light allows a high level of efficiency to be reached.

For this reason, in autumn periods such as October and November, but also in the early stages of spring from March to April, heating with an air conditioner is more convenient than radiators.

Even in the winter, a intermittent use Than an air conditioner allows you to save money compared to a gas system that has to stay on almost all day to keep the temperature constant. However, a lot depends on the size of the house.

Assuming that you need to heat a 4-room apartment in the fall or early spring months, to do this with a boiler and radiators, you will need about 360 m3 of gas which at current prices equates to about 400 euros. An air conditioner that runs only a few hours a day can consume about 250 kWh in these three months, which is currently the equivalent of 125 euros.

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