Is he really okay? Here are the signs that indicate a problem

Here are 7 symptoms that indicate an imbalance in the intestines. If you find any of these, contact your doctor.

Intestines: 7 Symptoms of Dysfunction

The intestine is a particularly sensitive organ, which is responsible for Elimination of food and absorption of nutrients. Thus, her role can involve contact risks Toxic agents. The malfunction or poor health of this organ is the cause of some easily diagnosable diseases. Let’s see together 7 symptoms This suggests that our intestines may need to be examined.

Sick intestines? Here are the seven symptoms that confirm this

  • food intoleranceDifferent from an allergy, an intolerance is essentially treatable and does not persist over time. The occurrence of intolerance can be related to an imbalance in the intestine, which Difficulty eliminating a certain type of food. To prevent the latter from turning into a real allergy, it would be better to contact a GP.
  • autoimmune conditions: Intestinal malfunction can lead to major Danger to the immune system. Basically, the body becomes subject to the so-called penetration the invaderswhich causes the formation of autoimmune diseases.
  • Sleep disturbances or constant tiredness: The serotonin It is one of the hormones that affect sleep patterns and is secreted by the intestines. A malfunction can cause limited production of the latter, which leads to the inevitable difficulty in falling asleep.
  • skin irritation: Attend the Wounds or eczema It can be caused by an incorrect digestive process that leads to the absorption of harmful nutrients or to one of them loss of vitamins good for the body.
  • Persistent craving for sugarThe more sugar you consume, the more your gut needs, which inevitably leads to this development of related diseases. In fact, excessive consumption leads to intestinal inflammation and poor digestion.
  • stomach inverted: In this case, the difficulty indicates improper digestion. Your intestines can’t quickly get rid of the food you eat and this can cause flatulence and – in the worst cases – diarrhea.
  • Weight changes: You lose weight, then you gain it back, then you take it back and it seems paradoxical to you. Instability Of this kind it can be derived specifically from a Intestinal problem related to food absorption Consume.
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