Is frozen fish as good as fresh fish?

the My favorite fish is freshand was arrested small size. Although it has nutritional properties that are not much different from frozen ones, it has a unique texture and flavor. It is necessary to emphasize how often, what we find on supermarket shelves described as fresh, in fact has a few days of “life”. Indeed, it is necessary to consider, especially for those who do not live in marine areas, the times of transportation, distribution and food processing.

for any concern frozen fishIf the freezing, cold storage and subsequent thawing are done properly, they allow to minimize changes in the appearance, structure and flavor of the fish. Conversely, if the various steps are poorly executed, the gloss, colour, texture and flavor of the fish are strongly conditioned.

In any case, if you decide to buy the latter type of food, it is necessary to watch carefully Packaging And Make sure it is not torn or tampered with In any way; You should also pay attention to any ice crystals Which can form inside the package or even on spots or even deformed parts on the fish itself: these are signs that The freezing or preservation process was not performed in an optimal way.

Dr. Pietro Sinnett – Dietitian

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