Is eating fennel good for the intestines? Here is the answer

fennel It is one of the most consumed vegetables in winter, thanks mainly to its delicate and unmistakable taste but also to its intense and subtle aroma. Moreover, fennel is a truly versatile product because it can be used in many different ways: whether raw for delicious light salads or baked gratin, but also for preparing herbal teas and so on.

What everyone may not know, however, is that I am benefits There is a lot of fennel: in fact it is a plant rich in nutrients very beneficial to health, such as vitamins and mineral salts, which make it powerful. purification And digestiveamong many things.

But these benefits are even greater when they are raw or when it is cooked? As already known, raw vegetables retain many nutrients, but even when cooked they are still vegetables that are good for health. But the important thing is to always choose organic fennel.

Especially when ingested rawAnd the Organic products They provide more guarantees, because you grow them in a completely natural way that you won’t risk finding yourself on a plate with leftovers Insecticides Or other chemicals that are harmful to your health and which, moreover, pollute a lot.

Fennel is a truly exceptional product due to its high water composition which is also recommended in slimming regimens and many more. useful nutrients For our health, among them potassium, iron and phosphorus soccerSodium, zinc and vitamins A, C, and E.

Moreover, fennel contains a very small percentage of carbohydrates and is practically carbohydrate-free sugarsTherefore it is a product with multiple beneficial properties: iPotassium and calcium, for example, help make bones and arterial pressure work properly, while the various vitamins found in fennel are rich in it. mighty Natural antioxidantand help to optimally regulate the entire immune system.

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