Is Chicago the capital of pizza? Salvatore Esposito is unclear

Rome – Chicago in the Storm. On Twitter, the American city declared itself the World Pizza City on the occasion of National Pizza Day, Which is celebrated in the United States on February 9. Proud to be The pizza capital of the world“, It is the message that appeared on Twitter that angered many Naples residents, aware of the history of gastronomy in their city. Among the many controversial comments, that Salvatore Esposito, Jenny Savastano from the Jomura TV series. The actor, also known in America as Fargo, responded to the Chicago tweet with these words: After Naples, the American Friends. An answer immediately applauded the city of Naples, which has always been proud of its culinary art. National Pizza Day is a memory that has nothing to do with World Pizza True Napolitan Day, which is celebrated in Italy on January 17th. The American restaurant falls in February and is a way to honor one of the country’s most beloved foods: on average more than 13 kg per person is consumed and 93% of citizens eat it at least once a month. Big business, if you consider 3 billion pizzas sold every year in the US and 17 percent of restaurants in the US are pizzerias, generating a turnover of close to 35 billion euros.

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