Is Call of Duty going further and further to the right? –

Activision He announced that he had appointed a third Republican politician in a few months. Last in chronological order is Grant Dixton, a former legal advisor to the White House, during the George W. Bush administration. This isn’t the first such recruitment: in the previous months, Activision had already hired other notable members of right Americana.

Grant Dixton took over from Chris Walther as Senior Legal Officer. One reason he is remembered is that in the past he criticized the satirical newspaper The Onion for making a satirical piece with the presidential motto in it. In addition to being Boing’s vice president, the company has been at the center of several scandals for the management and certification of the 737 Max.

Before him, the controversial CEO of Bobby Kotik had hired Francis F TownsendBush administration counterterrorism advisor famous for being a supporter of torture, and Brian Bulatau, considered by some to be a bully, one of Trump’s “hounds.” The first is in charge of Activision’s legal affairs, while the second is the new administrative officer.

We don’t know how these characters might affect the creative direction of series like Call of Duty or even Blizzard’s business, until a few years ago completely independent of the parent company. In the United States, some sites like Kotaku Begins to worry about potential political drift from Activision, wondering why in the latter case the video game giant wanted to hide Grant Dixton’s political past while announcing the hiring.

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