Is Alzheimer’s disease a brain disease? Amazing new hypotheses

Incredible new hypotheses have emerged regarding Alzheimer’s disease. The researchers’ studies have highlighted some interesting news about the possibility that it’s not a brain disease: that’s what it is.

Alzheimer’s disease is a degenerative disease of the brain that severely affects some of the patient’s mental functions and interferes with their daily life. It is the most common form of dementia among the elderly. The disease has several stages and there is no treatment for it at the present time. This is why researchers are working so hard.

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As the years progress, there are a number of diseases that affect the elderly. One of the most famous and most difficult to manage isAlzheimer’s disease. It is basically one brain diseases For unknown reasons and various factors seem to be involved: age, environment, family heredity and genetics. The search for a cure is becoming increasingly competitive and controversial.

Recently, the new study was published that the condition may not be a brain disease in the first place. A new theory suggests that it could be so autoimmune condition. This means that accumulations of beta-amyloid protein are not the main cause of the disease.

Alzheimer’s disease is an autoimmune disease: research

Many families have At home, a person with Alzheimer’s is entitled to Social Bee. But the hope is always to find a cure that can heal people. Scientists at the Krembil Brain Institute in Toronto recently began looking at the possibility that the disease could be one autoimmune disease.

The amyloid plaques and neurofibrillary tangles associated with Alzheimer’s disease are also present to some extent in healthy brains and likely perform the necessary functions. Hence it is considered “normal”. Our immune system produces Brain-liberating antibodies from plaques when they break down and become harmful. It also cleanses the brain of neurons that have been destroyed by tangles.

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These researchers doubt it Overproduction of these antibodies They may be responsible for the onset of the disease and may accelerate the disease process. A discovery that could upend research, given that no treatment can stop the disease. Only some medications can help slow the disease and its symptoms.

This is just a study that was reported in Focus and has not yet been officially recognized. But the positive thing is that scientists and researchers are working to find a cure for the so-called “disease of the century”.

The sole purpose of the information in the article is to inform and educate interested parties about the scientific research that has been published in a specialized journal. Therefore it should not be substituted for diagnosing diseases or making a diagnosis. For this it is recommended that you go to your doctor.

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