Irpef Bonus, Return Risk: Here are the categories that matter to them

Irpef bonus, bad news for those who take advantage of it: The amount is very likely to be returned to the revenue agency. Here because.


The Personal income tax rewardIn addition to Renzi’s previous bonus, she can go and return in Italian state coffers. Moreover, as the tax authorities have revealed these days, the revenue / collection agency can request that the benefit be returned to the workers who received it.

Irpef bonus will be returned?

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Please note that the question applies to everyone who earns between income 28 thousand and 40 thousand euros, With the previous 80 euros, the Conte government raised it to 100 for those with income in between 8,145 and 26,600 euros, Plus a parallel bonus of € 100 for those between the ages of 28,000 and 40 with a descending path of zero for those hitting the roof.

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However, the problem comes here: if it’s actually up to 28K, it’s a Credit tax, For the second step becomes A.As an opponent Which is calculated by the employer – unintentionally – as a withholding tax when in reality it should be done on the total income of the worker. this is Financial error It thus entails the possibility that those who have returned in their home will find a letter from the Revenue Agency, in which the rebate is requested without looking at the various sources.

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The news of the International Workers ‘Confederation, as well as the Italian Workers’ Federation, immediately made itself heard. Also because the association has, in advance, made itself heard by highlighting the risks of problems converting the bonus into a tax deduction. “Today – Reports of Confederation Secretary Domenico Proietti – We call on the government and parliament to include all corrective measures in the case in order to preserve the effectiveness of this intervention.

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