Irpef bonus in August. 1,880 euros of salary is coming: here’s who it is and how to get it

Irpef bonus in August. 1,880 euros of salary is coming: here’s who it is and how to get it.

Month August Brings another important pony bonus for Italian workers. Specifically it is a file Personal income tax refund Which can reach the number 1880 EUR. The amount is entered directly into the payment voucher associated with Deductions for income tax purposes of natural persons and will depend on the type of employment contract. Irpef refund recipients are employees and deductions will be calculated based on the number of working days actually performed during the year.

Who will get the highest amounts and how is the refund calculated?

Basically, the employee’s deduction will reach the amount of 1880 euros if the total income of the worker does not exceed the threshold of 8 thousand euros. Anyway, the amount bonus It cannot be less than 690 euros. The minimum deduction increases to 1,380 euros when the worker works on a fixed-term contract and does not exceed the income threshold of 8,000 euros.

On the other hand, the situation of a worker who has a total income above 8000 euros but less than 28000 euros is different. The latter will be able to take advantage of a bonus of 978 euros. the salary bonus It decreases as the worker’s total income increases to zero when the worker’s total income is equal to or above the threshold of €55 thousand.

As a withholding agent, the employer will apply the deductions directly to the employee’s income on the pay slip.

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