IRPEF 2022 Bonus: Amounts and Beneficiaries

The tax reform included in the 2022 Budget Act introduced several innovations, primarily those related to the new IRPEF rates. An important point covered in the ruling is that of the previous Renzi bonus, renamed the €100 bonus from IRPEF: let’s see how the procedure works in 2022.

Among the various innovations that emerged from tax reform Included in the budget law there is also something related to IRPEF Bonus 100 €Renzi’s previous bonus: This ruling actually reduced the number of recipients of Additional treatment of 1,200 euros per yearbringing the maximum income that qualifies you to receive the bonus from 28,000 to 15,000 EUR.

Let’s see in the next article what are the news of 2022.

IRPEF €100 bonus: what will change in 2022

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The tax reform contained in the 2022 Budget Law threatens to provoke the discontent of the beneficiaries of the 2022 Budget LawRenzi former bonusknown today as IRPEF Bonus 100 €which appears with the new rates more lower.

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The previous Renzi bonus was introduced by then Prime Minister Matteo Renzi by Legal Decree No. n. 66 of April 24, 2014. In its initial version, the bonus provided for the recognition of an amount equal to 80 euros per month paid to employees in the public and private sectors with annual incomes between 8000 and 26,600 euros. With subsequent actions, it was reintroduced up to the current model, renamed the IRPEF reward, which states a Supplemental transaction of €1200 per annum with 12 monthly installments For an income of up to 28,000 euros.

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But the 2022 maneuver changed the situation again: from January 1, in fact, the personal income tax bonus is intended for those who have Total income up to 15,000 euroswhich replaces the old ceiling of 28,000 euros, significantly reducing the number of beneficiaries.

However, for the income category between 15,000 and 28,000 euros, some ExceptionsComplementary processing is actually recognized if the sum of some deductions is higher than the total tax. In this case, the bonus is due for an amount equal to the difference between the sum of the deductions and the total tax, but always less than 12,000 euros per year.

Tax reform 2022: The most important news

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These are the others Major changes envisaged in tax reform contained in the 2022 budget law:

  • Reducing income brackets from five to four, with the fourth abolition, which relates to income from more than 55,000 euros and up to 75,000 euros, and a relative IRPEF rate of 41%. The third category has been restricted and now includes incomes between €28,000 and €50,000;
  • Reduce tax rates which relate to the second and third brackets going from 27% and 38%, respectively, to 25% and 35%;
  • Rescheduling tax deductions Payable is based on the type of income, as it decreases with the increase in total income.

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