Irine_meier’s new Tifa cosplay is not as realistic as it should be –

The classics are always the most common: a trivial fact that is also confirmed in the world of cosplay. Irene Indeed, give us back Cosplay TifaBeloved protagonist Final Fantasy 7 remake.

However, this new shot was from Final Fantasy 7 Remake Tifa cosplay An opportunity for irine_meier to discuss character design. Which is better: real or unreal? Irine_meier explains, “After many years of recreating characters of all kinds from the world of video games, I can say without a doubt that many video game costumes (especially female ones) are often ridiculous and not very practical in real life.”

Even Tifa’s costume, irine_meier explains, would in no way be suitable for real fights, for example due to socks that would be constantly falling off. “you know what?” Even after trying a lot of actually silly costumes, I would still choose an unforgettable costume rather than a realistic one. I’d rather see something unbelievable and unique even if it goes against all logic and the laws of physics! Designs made rationally can be frivolous and lacking. To imagination. ” Do you think so too? Do you prefer an unreal cosplay?

If you’re a fan of Final Fantasy 7 Remake cosplay, don’t miss mochiiimarie’s Tifa Cowgirl costume: it’s rodeo ready. How not to mention Tifa de Comore’s cosplay showing her talents. Win_winry’s Tifa cosplay is simple and also complete.

If you’re looking for something different, this is Himiko Toga Cosplay from Miracle Lit.Magic: It enchants your eyes. Cosplay Mochiiimarie’s Bunny Bulma looking for Spheres is also incredible. Finally, we suggest Wanda cosplay by candylion: it is classic and irrepressible.

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