Iraq: “Twelve Iranian missiles were fired at Erbil at the US Consulate and the Al-Qaeda area.”

At night between Saturday and Sunday twelve missiles on the area consulate Based on US base to Erbil, in Iraqi Kurdistan. According to preliminary information, these are Iranian-made Fateh-110 missiles. Officials in the Iraqi security forces heard fromNews agency They stated that they “were launched by Iran“. Look GhafooriThe head of international media relations in the Kurdistan Regional Government explained via Twitter that the consulate was not impressed But the missiles reached the surrounding area. The agency recalls that the attack comes a few days after a previous missile attack Israel Near Damascus, two militants were killed Iranian National Guard.

there Iraqi News Agency It was reported that the governorate’s Minister of Health stated that this did not happen Victims And no injured. Governor of the region Masrour Barzani In a brief statement, he “strongly condemned the multiple attacks” and called on civilians to follow the directions of the security forces. “We will not succumb to cowards,” added. Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-KazemiHe spoke by phone with Barzani and promised an investigation.

Mayor of Erbil Omid Khoshnawaccording to Jerusalem Post claim it not clear Whether the target is the US consulate or the city airport. TV station studios Kurdistan 24 have been damaged. Shiite religious leader Muqtada al-Sadr He wrote on Twitter: Erbil is under fire. As if the Kurds are not Iraqis.”

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