Iraq, at least 33 killed in Sadrist attack on Baghdad’s Green Zone. Muqtada al-Sadr to his followers: “Retire within an hour”

It turns into one massacre The An attempt by supporters of the Shiite leader Muqtada al-Sadr To topple the outgoing governmentAfter their party was the most voted in the last elections but was unable to form a majority. Since Monday, the Sadrists have attacked green area From Baghdadwhich is the super protected area in which the buildings of institutions and embassies rise, and collide with Iran supporters Trying to take control of the presidential palace. Balance Victims The number of clashes has already risen to 33, including three policemen, according to local media, while more than 700 were injured. Al-Sadr also warned his followers armed with Withdraw within one hourAs stated in a statement issued a short time ago by the Shiite leader’s office, which confirmed, among other things, his decision to withdraw “permanently” from political life. I am very sad about what is happening in Iraq. I apologize to the Iraqi people For what happened – I declare – that the revolution was not carried out with weapons, the protests must remain peaceful.”

The Anti-aircraft siren ronwa At the US Embassyaccording to local media reports Shafak News. Witnesses immediately speak of Explosions in the region. Al Arabiya And the Iraqi I have already reported about Missiles and mortars They shot the green area. The army extended the curfew throughout the national territory for this day as well. Instead, the Prime Minister decided to close public institutions, schools and banks throughout the day Mustafa Al-Kazemi. On the other hand, Baghdad International Airport remains open for the time being and scheduled flights depart and land unchanged. However, this is a very volatile situation that can change over the course of hours. Moreover, many passengers departing from Baghdad but coming from other parts of Iraq fear that they will not be able to reach the airport due to curfews and roadblocks. Similarly, passengers arriving in the capital fear being stranded at the airport.

defense minister Lorenzo GueriniWho is closely monitoring the situation in Baghdad, phoned the general yesterday Giovanni Maria Iannuccileader Iraq Mission was born, which is led by Italy. Minister – Prague For the informal meeting of EU Defense Ministers – he was constantly updated on the latest developments in the situation on the ground, and received assurances that there were no immediate risks to the personnel of the Italian contingent and the National Information Institute. “To our soldiers – the minister emphasized – the gratitude of the government and all Italians for the meticulous work they are doing to stabilize the region.”

The NATO mission in Iraq is a non-combat assistance and training mission aimed at supporting Iraq in strengthening its institutions and security forces, combating terrorism and preventing the resurgence of ISIS.

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