Iranian ship bombed in the Red Sea. The New York Times: “Israel claimed responsibility for the attack with the United States”

The On March 25, an Israeli ship was hit in the Arabian Sea and two suspects were killedIran. Tehran He distanced himself from the accusations but I have Conflicts Between the two Countries I return to the introduction after prof Iranian shipYesterday dawn, I was hit by an explosion The Red SeaMaybe from mine Magnetic Israeli, Just like prof Vienna Critical talks for a possible comeback United State To the 2015 nuclear deal. The latest suspected long-range confrontation between Islamic republic And lo and behold Jewish state It takes place at one of the defining moments for the future of equilibrium in the Middle East, with Joe’s administration Biden Who says she is ready to communicate with him Tehran, Reducing penalties.

After several reconstruction operations reported by local and international media, the Iranian Foreign Ministry confirmed by noting that one of its “commercial ships”, SavizMinor damage was reported in the Red Sea, near the coast Djibouti“, distance “ExplosionUnspecified which did not cause Wounded.

authorities Tehran They do not appear ready to go beyond the tensions and are content to confirm that an investigation will be opened without formal charges Israel. Which, however, according to The New York Times, The action claimed from American administrationCalling him one revenge Previous similar attacks toIran To ship on Gulf perch.

The mystery also hovers over the actual use of Saviz, This Islamic republic Defined as a method for the support Customs e Technical To others dealer. Israeli sources describe it instead as a ship that he uses Revolutionary GuardsA circumstance confirmed by the Iranian agency itself Tasneem, Close Pasdaran, Under which it will serve as a companion in the danger zone Piracy.

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The episode went into the public domain during the Who Tehran e Washington Messages Opening And satisfaction with the indirect talks that started yesterday a Vienna Through other partners From the nuclear deal, Which both sides define as “constructive.” The Iranian President said today that “a new page has been opened to relaunch the agreement.” Hassan Rohani Meanwhile, the internal pressure of the hard-line conservative wing continues, hostile to any concessions to the Americans.

If it is a government Tehran Once the ban is lifted, it reaffirms that it can immediately return to full compliance with its nuclear obligations Atomic Energy Agency Today it announced that, within three months, it had produced 55 kilograms of Uranium Fertilized at 20% – well exceeds the permissible limit 3.67% of the deal – Double what was expected so far.

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