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Iran begins enriching 60% of uranium in Natanz. Protest from Germany, France and the United Kingdom

Iran wants to enrich uranium by 60% starting next week to respond to “nuclear terrorism”. This was stated by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani after the Islamic Republic had recently condemned the Israeli sabotage at the Natanz factory.

English Premier League, Iranian TV watching the match because the female referee wears shorts

“If you want to stop Iranian technology and attack us, we still act within the framework of the law. If the Zionists take action against us, we respond ‘Rouhani reiterated on Iran’s national television’. Our nuclear activities will be completely peaceful and enrich us with 60%, 20% and even 3% under the agency’s supervision.”

Iran, new centrifuges for uranium enrichment

The Iranian decision to enrich uranium to 60% was met with heavy criticism by the governments of France, Germany and Great Britain in a joint memorandum issued by the Foreign Ministry in Paris, which does not believe in using Iranian nuclear energy for civilian purposes. The three countries also expressed concern about the possibility of Iran installing an additional 1,000 centrifuges in Natanz. “Iran’s declarations are particularly regrettable because they come at a time when all participants in the JCPOA and the United States are engaging in substantive discussions aimed at finding a swift diplomatic solution to revive and restore the JCPOA.” “We ask Iran not to,” said the two governments, “to further complicate the diplomatic process,” she said.

Abbas Araghchi, deputy foreign minister and chief Iranian negotiator in Vienna, announced yesterday that he informed the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Rafael Grossi, of plans to start enriching uranium by 60%.

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Israel’s response was not late: “The Iranians threaten peace and stability in the Middle East and around the world.” Israeli President Reuven Rivlin said, “Tehran is playing a dangerous game that could lead to out of control fires. We will not accept threats to destroy Israel, and we will do everything we can to stop those who want to hit us.”

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