iPhone, the phone unlock button has a secret function that almost no one knows about

iPhone, a button that activates a secret function (Web) –

It’s a thing said and said, but it’s worth remembering that iPhones are among the most used and most sought after phones right now.

Actually, there are many more users who can’t Abandon Cupertino company by purchasing one smart phones Manufactured by another brand to replace A iPhone old. And many of them do They turn garlic iPhone After owning other devices. The first impulse is definitely theirs credibility.

In addition, it must be said that there are many of them resistance And It goes on for a lot over time. There will be no need to buy a new one device After only a year or so. We can say that a iPhone foreverCiting an advertisement for another type of product. Of course, it always depends on how you do it users treat him.

If they leave it He falls all the time or so They break upfor them iPhone He will welcome them before the average time from life. Anyone who owns it knows very well that they’ll be able to use it extensively without experiencing battery life issues drums. There are many, in fact, those who use them constantly for work and during leisure day And they were not abandoned.

Despite the strong and continuous use of these deviceI am still a lot Those who do not know that there abbreviations that allow you to obtain it Careers Awesome just a click away. For example, there is a button that has a function Secret. And this is exactly what we want to talk to you about in the article.

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A simple button activates a secret function that no one knows about.

the button In question is that roadblock. This applies if you have an iPhone with face id. If you own an iPhone with Connection IDthe button in question is that house. In any case, practically nothing changes. In either case you will be able to unlock Careers Useful and important.

iPhone, a button that activates a secret function (Web) –

The first thing to do is get inside settings from your iPhone. So choose first Accessibility and then, Access acronyms. At this point, you will need to decide which functionality you use the most and most often. And you can choose from many. You can, for example, convert yours iPhone in lens Zoom in to read small written text.

But you can also convert it to a file player of lullabies Temporary lull and relax. To activate this missionits enough to press Or two or three times the respective key. You decide how often to press it and at what time Speed. like? entrance settingsAnd Accessibility and then, Side key In case face id or home key In case Connection ID. Cool, isn’t it?

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