IPhone 11 was found after 6 months in lake water and is working incredibly well

a IPhone 11
Survived For 6 months in the depths of Harrison Lake in Canada. The device was found by Clayton and Heather HilkenbergA couple of divers dive into Canadian lakes and rivers every year to clean the seabed of waste. Often times during diving sessions, they are posted on YouTube channel From a married couple, finding things offbeat and curious happens just as it really is smart phone H GoPro Or more common items like Bottles H glasses.

After finding iPhone 11, Helkenberge immersed the device in a solution Silica gel-Useful for removing moisture from the phone. Unbelievably Yes, access to the phone With the battery mark remaining at 96%, though, the microphone is now unusable.

IPhone 11 was found working by a diver after 6 months at the bottom of the lake

Fatemeh GhodsiThe owner of the smartphone told her her strange story during an interview. The little girl was taking a trip on Harrison Lake on an inflatable boat when He saw his iPhone 11 collide in the water: I lost my balance at that moment, and the phone fell into the water. Although I asked the staff for help after landing ashore, they convinced me that it was impossible to find the phone in deep water. ”. Fatima managed to recover the last picture taken from his phone, which testifies to what happened.


iPhone 11 is certified water resistant IP 68 Which guarantees impermeability to the depth 2 meters A maximum 30 minutes. Harrison Lake is located about 95 km from Vancouver, has an area of ​​218 km and a maximum depth of 279 meters. We do not know at what depth the device was found, certainly more than 2 meters but less than 30 (maximum safe depth for diving) and moreover after 6 months, i.e. A real miracle.

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The couple of divers said they found more than one 100 pairs of sunglassesAnd the 26 e 2 GoPro smartphones. The year 2021 began with a distance 35 pairs of cupsAnd the 5 smartphones H GoPro camera.

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