Invoice Late: Do I have to pay in full or can I get a refund?

Late bill: Do I need to pay in full or refund?

When the invoice is delivered after the payment due date, the recipient is entitled to compensation. However, its push cannot be ignored.

Anyone who does not receive the bill long before it expires runs the risk of being charged with default interest. In a time like ours, where bills are always higher, this benefit adds up to the very large amounts of energy supplies.

So let’s see how to act if the invoice is late in relation to its expiration date and how to get compensation for the amount owed.

Do I have to pay a bill that arrives late?

The following should be specified immediately, Even if the bill is lateAnd the You need to pay The amount due for energy consumption.

delay In handing over the bill, in fact, Not related to supply which the customer continues to use, e.g So you must pay.

However, if the delay occurs excessively, the user concerned is entitled to compensation to compensate for the inconvenience caused.

Late delivery of the invoice: When is compensation due?

If the invoice arrives late, it is recommended Contact your energy supplier for Get clarified. Once you contact the company that handles the supply, the same will be able to Send the invoice via email that did not arrive by regular mail.

However, if the bill did not arrive within 45 days Since the last invoice, the customer is entitled to a increased compensation For the fact that the bill did not arrive.

In any case Must not I wait for By force they pass 45 days to obtain compensation.

In particular, it is expected to be 6 euro refund for the delay up to 10 days of issuing the invoice. for each day more, Added after the tenth of its release 2 euros as far as Limit 20 eurosand within 45 days.

When the delay occurs instead in the passing time from 46 to 90 days, The reimbursement Who is owed 40 euros.

If the delay occurs finally for more than 90 daystotal amount 90 euros.

How to request compensation

To receive compensation, the supply customer will not have to do anything. In fact, if the delay occurs for reasons attributable to the supplier, the same company will apply the discount to the invoice.

If this does not happen then, the usufructuary can proceed to issue a formal notice of supply to obtain a discount on the invoice.

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