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Australia – It’s closed in Australia. reason? Invasion of children crab cannibal I filled the country streets to approach the ocean. This is all true. In the’Christmas Island, located in northwest Australia, the orange crabs have started their annual production Migration from the forest to the ocean. turn, i 50 million Of the crustaceans, it also forced some citizens into a temporary exodus, anxiously waiting for the invasion to stop: “With the migration of red crabs in full swing on Christmas Island, animals were everywhere, including office entrances!” .

Staff intervention Australia Parks, the organization that monitors and manages 6 other national and marine and botanical parks: “Our employees work to regulate traffic, drive crabs off the streets and provide constant status updates to the community.” , as they assert.

The photos, which Parks Australia posted on social media, show male crabs as the leader in migration to the ocean, followed by females, who are able to produce thousands of eggs during the mating season. Experts explain that the timing of this displacement will depend on two main factors: rain and the position of the moon. Fortunately this year The end is near. By the end of the month, the animals should be able to reach the coast.

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