Introducing Chippendales tells an original story in a very familiar way

If you think the series is dedicated to strippers may be superficial or merely vulgar, Meet the Chippendales Here to make you think again. Hulu-produced series that debutedJanuary 11th on Disney+ Tells you exactly how a group of Strippers are bad The most famous in the United States, how did they become Multi-million dollar entertainment empire But – above all – how everything collapsed under the weight of bad business choices and the catastrophic failure of some criminal plan. success story inThe American dreamEighties nostalgia mode, muscle guys are almost always naked and subtext True crime Obsessed and irresistible: these eight rings have her Everyone The right ingredients to become Guilty pleasure perfect. But, perhaps, on paper they are all too perfect.

It all starts from the true story of Suman Banerjeewith an explanation Kumail Nanjiani (Silicon Valley, The Big Sick, Eternals), who seems born to grab hold of this part with brilliant wit and many shades of mystery. Banerjee, who migrated from India to the United States, after A Tin long mess Consisting of a menial job at a gas station and a diet of stale sandwiches, she’s saved enough money to fulfill a lifelong dream: she changes her name to Steve and He opens an upscale restaurant To play backgammon, he is inspired by his idol Hugh Hefner. After several failures, a meeting with the fraudulent promoter Paul Snyder (Dan Stevens) And with a model play boy Dorothy Strati (Nicola Peltz Beckham) – A couple who will soon end tragically – make him find the right idea: the opening of the first strip club aimed at a female audience. Hire the daring guys and, above all, the choreographer Nick DiNoia (Murray Bartlett)Steve puts on a show that quickly becomes an unstoppable money machine.

Banerjee’s insecurities, his intense sense of revenge, his inner racism, and the roughness of some personal and financial decisions soon lead him to reverse the situation: From a gold mine, the Chippendales turn into a criminal trap, given that its founder pushes himself to extremes in order to protect not only his business, but above all the position he has achieved as a successful and successful man, despite the skepticism of his family. in this meaning Meet the Chippendales is a story psychological abyss As we’ve seen plenty: the tragic hero who comes out of nowhere conquers his dreams only to turn himself shortly thereafter into everything he’s fought against his whole life, destroying himself with his own hands. It must be said that even the way the series is narrated is one of them Time pieces and marginal storiesnot respecting the originality of the story that adds to the many true stories that the series’ universe has given us in recent years (the creator, Robert Siegelit’s the same Pam and Tommy, even if the madness that was typical of other mini-series is missing here). Doesn’t help one Some forced sinwhich pushes the most terrible and criminal aspect only in the second part.

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