Intesa Sanpaolo, the Italians are in complete panic: wipe out the ATMs

ATM closes for Intesa Sanpaolo. Technology passion

Intesa Sanpaolo is also among the banks canceling ATMs causing great uneasiness among customers across Italy.

Intesa San Paolo It is a banking institution that was born in 2007 from a merger Banca Intesa and Sanpaolo IMItwo companies with roots in Italian financial history.

San Paolo IMI It was born, in turn, from the merger of the Institute of Banking San Paolo Turinuntil it was founded in 1563 by Compagnia di San Paolo, withItalian Furniture Institute, owner of Fideuram. while Banca Antisa Born in 1997 with Merger of Cariplo and Banco Ambrovenetowhich over the years has included a series of institutions such as: Banca di Trento e Bolzano, Banca Vallone, Citibank Italia, Società di Banche Siciliane and Banca Massicana.

Today, the group Intesa Sanpaolo is the largest banking group in Italy, with 13.5 million customers and about 4,700 branches, and appears in the top twenty in the Eurozone. As at December 31, 2019, the Group’s total assets amounted to €816,012 million, loans to customers amounting to €395,229 million, direct bank financing amounting to €425,512 million, direct insurance financing and technical reserves amounting to €165,838 million.

Moreover, the group is also present abroad with around 1,000 branches and 7.2 million customers. Intesa San Paolo It is also among the major banking groups in various countries of Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa thanks to its local subsidiaries.

ATM closes for Intesa Sanpaolo

Banco Intesa Sanpaolo, like other lenders, is striving for this Digitization of services, carrying out its online presentation. But this also testified Gradual reduction of branches Across Italy, with a significant drop also in ATMs in the region.

The Intesa San Paolo skyscraper in Turin. Technology passion

there ATM closing It is one of the effects of the so-called “bank desertification” throughout the country, that is, the phenomenon according to which the number of branches is gradually decreasing in all regions. It should be noted that in Italy there are about 4,900 municipalities that are not covered by ATMs.

A recent example is that Macerata where Intesa Sanpaolo recently announced the closure of the branch In Via Carducci and the simultaneous transfer of current account holders to the Corso Cavour branch. A measure that would force customers to change their IBAN every time they change branches. However, continuity of service is guaranteed and all deposits will be automatically transferred to the new accounts with domiciliation of bills and credits related to salaries and pensions. Meanwhile, Intesa Sanpaolo reassures its customers with a new business plan that plans to improve the digital services of the multi-channel bank.

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