Intesa Sanpaolo, bank customers are entitled to this bonus. Few who know it: it helps you a lot

Intesa Sanpaolo: the reward for investors – Themagazinetech

Intesa SanPaolo customers are entitled to a bonus this year, not everyone is aware of it but in fact they can access it without too many restrictions.

This year Intesa SanPaolo targets all those who intend to enter into a new contract and does so with a bonus, precisely the 2023 bonus. Currently Intesa is one of the most important and reliable banking circles in Italy and, in addition to offering many discounts on small accounts, it also tries to involve the oldest in the most favorable offers.

The 2023 bonus offered by Intesa SanPaolo Life is aimed specifically at those who intend to make an additional investment Or open a payments program that will be made on a regular basis on the bank’s products related to the insurance sector. But what exactly does it consist of?

The bonus that Intesa SanPaolo offers to clients consists of adding 1% or 1.50% to the premiums paid for signing a new contract. There are many investment products offered by the banking institution to choose from, so everyone can “customize” the bonus based on what they need.

What the 2023 bonus consists of: Intesa SanPaolo offers the benefit to all of its customers

Specifically, all customers will also be able to benefit from the Intesa SanPaolo Bonus 2023 Which will add more bonuses or diversified investment products such as ProInsurance Value, ProInsurance Equity, etc. For the full list of all available investment products, you can go to the branch, or update yourself on the online site.

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To receive the bonus offered to customers of Intesa SanPaolo, you can sign a new contract, you can activate a program for additional payments, or by paying additional installments. The reward will consist in 1% Premiums paid (including additional installments) And 1.50% bonus on additional prizes paid during the promotion and recurring bonuses if the program is activated during the promotion.

Great news for Intesa San Paolo – themagazinetech customers

When will the bonus start and where you can find more information about activation

The bonus will be recognized automatically on January 24, 2024. At the branch you can speak face to face with a consultant who will explain all the details to you, but you can also find more specific information on the website It is worth taking advantage of if you already have the idea of ​​trying some of these investments in mind.

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