Intesa Sanpaolo, an urgent warning message to all customers what is happening: they are taking a huge risk

Red Alert by Intesa Sanpaolo for New SMS Scam (Web) –

It is reported that in these hours the clients of Intesa Sanpaolo were reached with a message inviting them to pay close attention.

Well, yes, in communication From the Institute of Banking reads one scam which spins away short message. And as we well know, who Tricks There is a lot around. This can happen on the street near the counters ATM, but also within them. Not to mention, then, phone calls Which tells about dummy definitions too phone that of energy.

And then there are the phone calls regarding Internet trade. Who falls in love with her after a while to collect a beautiful nest egg, You will lose Everything, both earn, be all he has savings Apply it with brow sweat. Also, due to technology and the digital transition of banking services, Tricks evolve.

Unfortunately yes, they are more and more frequent Tricks that takes off mail or go short message. Let’s talk about messages phishing Which include links To be clicked with the sum character urgency. Once you click problem For everyone. Personal information will be stolen and will be specially targeted password and turn it on Banking services.

In practice, you will find yourself without euros and with consciousness It was me responsible main who problem. Now, however, there is something else Warning, As we mentioned earlier. And she was the one who launched it Intesa San Paolo To warn all of its users. Let’s see what’s been going on for a few weeks now.

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Intesa Sanpaolo Press Release: SMS Fraud Maximum Alert.

The company rarely intervenes personally to warn its users of scams that may be carried out in its name. Unfortunately, in this case, the bank considered it appropriate to launchWarning Since they were already a lot the users that fell victims from the pitfalls of these scammers.

Red Alert by Intesa Sanpaolo for New SMS Scam (Web) –

This deception is called fraud And users receive text messages that appear to come from the bank itself. The message in question indicates that the customer account has been restricted and to reactivate it, you must click on links Attached to the text. And there is also there Signature from Bank! But once you click on this link, you will need to enter all your details.

Here is a file scammers They will be able to reach you password, For your card details and also for others sensitive data. And it will all happen very quietly. the communication from Bank He continues saying nothing client Will come never contact via short message Users are advised not to do so supply never Access to their accounts and cards.

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