Intesa Sanpaolo, agreement for short weeks and smart work

Agreement signed between the unions and the Intesa Sanpaolo group to organize smart work, short week 4×9 and class. This is what we read in a note from Fabi. For smart work, in particular, there is a cap of 120 days a year, which rises to 140 days for some types of work, which can be used, either way, as part of the right balance between face-to-face and remote activities. In addition, a meal voucher of €4.50 is recognized.

“Today’s agreement is an important one, bringing together the contribution of many colleagues who have participated in recent meetings, making it possible to go beyond individual contracts, thus confirming that collective agreements are the best way to manage major changes for the Bank in a constantly evolving context”, comments Coordinator Fabi Intesa-San Paolo, Paolo Citterio.

With the agreement signed today, among other things, the short week is offered on a trial basis, for 4 days of 9 hours each, in approximately 250 branches of the group. “Fabe’s goal is to extend the effective possibility of using smart work and short week to all colleagues in the network. Emphasizing the centrality of the national contract, it is also emphasized that personalization of smart work is not a tool and / or a prerequisite for future outsourcing subsidiaries of the company, just as Nor does it affect the ways employee work performance is measured,” adds Citterio.

Smart work and the short week, what the agreement says

“Intesa Sanpaolo has signed an agreement with all trade union organizations integrating and expanding the highly innovative procedures of the new organizational model that has been in place since January 1, 2023,” reads a note from the bank.

The bank explains that the main innovations in the field of flexible working are the experience of smart working in more than 280 branches of Banca dei Territori and the private section with the consequent greater possibility of use by people; Meal voucher allowance increased to €4.50 per day for smart work-from-home days. Regarding the major changes related to the short week, the note from Intesa Sanpaolo continues, there will be 40 large branches of the Banca dei Territori where the short week can be applied: 9 hours on 4 days with a reduction of 37.5 36 hours, on a voluntary basis, with equal pay according for the technical and operational needs of the company; From November 1, 2023, employees of more than 250 small branches will be able to order and use the short week voluntarily, on the day the branch is closed (between Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday). There is also the possibility of using internal time flexibility which allows you to start working between 7 and 10 with a relative shift at the end of working time, both in the case of smart work and in face-to-face work, as well as working in a “short week”.

Finally, within a few months, the memo states that since January 1 when the new measures were launched, 40,000 people have joined the new flexible workforce, about 70% of who would have been empowered before today’s agreement, management structures and branches, and about 17,000 people per short week, which is equivalent to 60% of the full-time employees of governance structures and 12 large branches (data as of April 30, 2023).

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