Intesa San Paolo and Sace together to support bending spoons

Another 70 million euros for overseas expansion. This is the objective of the five-year loan provided by Sass And Intesa San Paolo to bending spoons;an Italian startup founded in 2013. With over 500 million downloads From its applications, and more than 90 million monthly active users, Bending Spoons is today one of the most important global companies in the development and marketing of smartphone applications and one of the first technology companies in Europe.

“In detail,” it was explained in a note issued by handleFunding aims to Supporting the company in its growth path abroad For external lines thanks to the acquisition of assets and application development in the United States, South America, Europe, Asia and Oceania, and thus the continuation of the growth plans that have seen the protagonist of the technology company in several acquisitions in recent years, including at the end of 2022 in the United States Evernote, with a primary objective It is to integrate supply and diversify the application portfolio.”

“This is Sace’s first operation in a particularly thriving, innovative strategic sector and one of the champions of the digital revolution,” he stressed. Enrico DelgrossoDean of the Northwest Region of Sass. He added, “Internationalization proves to be an essential lever for the development and relaunch of Lombard SMEs.” Pierluigi Monseriand Regional Director Milan, Monza and Brianza Intesa San Paolo.

Evernote acquisition

In September 2022, Bending Spoons announced that it had raised $340 million in funding from active international investors in the technology, media, entertainment and sports sectors, as well as Intesa Sanpaolo, Banco Bpm, Cherry Bay Capital and other important Italian and banking groups. and international funds.

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Moreover, also in 2022, the startup has reached a final agreement to acquire the US company evernotes Developed by Evernote Corporation (based in California), the app is designed to take notes and organize, manage, and archive personal activities.

The agreement closed for “expanded and accelerated improvements to Evernote Teams, Professional, Personal, and Free offerings,” Ian SmallCEO of the company.

From Immuni to Live Quiz

bending spoons; It is an Italian startup that develops applications for mobile devices Founded in 2013 It is based in Milan. The company is mainly known for developing iOS and Android apps like Splice, 30 Day Fitness, and Live Quiz.

The Italian government announced in April 2020 that it had commissioned Bending Spoons to design and develop impervious, the official Covid contact tracing app. Recognized curved spoons Free shipping The government is a perpetual and irrevocable license on Immuni. The app was released nationwide on June 1, 2020.

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