Intesa: Goodbye checks, first contacts to customers – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – MILAN, March 10 – Intesa Sanpaolo has begun a phased process of depositing bank checks while wire transfers remain active. The bank has sent early checking account holders, especially those who take full advantage of digital services, a communication about “withdrawing from the check agreement.”

From May, checks in the possession of a few thousand Intesa Sanpaolo customers that can never be used must be returned to the respective branch. After a short week of four working days, the inspection process, which will take place gradually, allows Intesa Sanpaolo to continue on the path of innovation.

For those who return unused bank cheques, the bank will run a promotion to encourage the use of wire transfers. In particular, the bank led by Carlo Messina will allow account holders the ability to use instant online transfers without “any additional commission, and at the same cost as a normal commission.” (handle).

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