Intesa closes the branch in Via Carducci New Arrivals in Corso Cavour

Credit – Transfer customers in June but it will be Corso Cavour account holders who will have to change Iban. Meanwhile, there is a project for new buildings in front of the bank’s headquarters

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The branch is in Via Carducci

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Entering a bank branch today is very different from the pre-covid era: branches are almost empty, very few people wait but for a long time, as if to discourage them. Reducing physical branches and more and more realism is actually the common approach. Banca Intesa is no exception, discouraging more and more direct over-the-counter transactions and taking long steps towards digitization So out of service that in recent days it has distinguished itself by “canceling” checkbooks and replacing them with instant and regular wire transfers.

Fewer operations and fewer branches, too, in the Macerata. The province had already been affected in the past by closing branches during various transfers from one credit institution to another. In keeping with the path he took two years ago when Intesa took over Ubi, The closure of the branch in Via Carducci will arrive in June with the transfer of customers to the branch in Corso Cavour. With one specificity. The thousandth change of Iban that happens each time you change branch, this time it won’t affect accounts assigned in Carducci but instead in corso Cavour.


Corso camphor branch

Intesa plans to enhance and upgrade its left-hand Corso Cavour branch, which is the one next to Delizie’s bar, just to be clear. However, it is impossible not to notice movement across the street in buildings that once housed various banking institutions. Intesa employees who report to central structures work there, but there will also be an important project at stake that could represent a significant influx of people in that area. Nothing more leaks at the moment.

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Meanwhile, Intesa reassures and confirms that the new business plan provides a new multi-channel service model with network optimization Thanks to the greater digitization of services. “Today, 93% of customers are multi-channel, perform most of the routine operations independently and purchase major banking products via the Internet.

At the operational level, when the branch is closed, continuity of services and customer relations is ensured in the consolidating branch, as all deposits and accounts will be automatically transferred from the bank with direct debiting of the relevant bills and crediting of salaries / pensions. Customers can continue to use the same check book and bank cards. To support customers in the migration process, Intesa Sanpaolo has already activated several interest initiatives.

The Bank’s service model envisages – in addition to the network of physical branches – the presence of self-service areas (currently there are 3,400 self-service points, with more than 6,200 machines throughout Italy), the digital branch, which responds to customers from Monday to Thursday from 7 to 24 , Fridays from 7 to 22 and weekends and public holidays (all public holidays) from 9 to 19, promotion of direct channels (atm / mta / ib / app), with the app and the Mooney circle that includes about 45,000 tobacco shops and other operating points in Italy Where you can top up phone cards, make bank transfers, pay bills, F24, MAV and withdraw cash up to 250 euros per day ».

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