Internet, chaos in the US and Australia: Bank and airline websites are in a state of collapse

Web City tilt inward Australia and the United States of America. Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, Anz, Me Bank, CommBankMajor Australian banks and US airlines America, Delta e Southwester e United, they denounced Apps and websites crash indicating that it is not yet clear what the problem is and that urgent investigations are underway to determine its source. However, the hypothesis is that the cause of the problem is an “external provider” of services.
The technical problem was detected and disclosed by the monitoring site Downdetector.

Analysts cited that the situation is gradually returning to normal BBC Refers to a cloud service provider Akamai.
He said, “We know that some of our customers are currently having problems accessing our services.” Commonwealth Bank Afp . announcement during the collapse. “This problem affects more organizations, including many major banks.” About an hour later, at 4:15 p.m. local time, Company He tweeted that services are starting to return to normal and thanked customers for their patience.

Akamai Note

On a note, Akamai confirms, “The affected portion of our Prolexic platform is up and running and we are continuing to verify services. We will share more details about what happened, but our number one priority is to mitigate the impact on customers.”

Oracle Cloud + Oracle Autonomous DW = Maximum Workload Adaptability

Just a few days ago it crashed due to cloud provider Fastly

Just a few days ago a similar situation occurred, with DrSeveral locations around the world for about an hour. Among the major international media portals – Le Monde, Nate, Financial Times, The Guardian While institutional websites such as White House Or the British government, as well Reddit platform or Paypal payment system, They encountered difficulties in accessing.

The sites were showing messages like at least temporarily Error 503 Service Unavailable a “Connection Failed”. A website that specializes in detecting Internet access problems bottom detector, have reported information that “could indicate a significant outage.” Quickly“, American provider of cloud computing services. So it can be Cdn (Content Delivery Network) “breakdown” to identify the problem.

For its part, supplier Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) Quickly Then he announced that he had identified the underlying cloud problem of taste. In the meantime, many affected sites are back online by switching to another content delivery network.

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