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Another slice of Scudetto has arrived on the pitch. Which, ten years later, could arrive early the next day. But even off the field, what had just passed was an important weekend for Inter: he says Sun 24 hours, Actually, Goldman Sachs men and lawyers for Del Piper London maintained close contacts with some of the financial investors. The goal is to obtain a maximum loan of 270 million euros.

BAIN IN POLE – Three groups under negotiation: In the first place, Bain Capital Credit, are working to fix the last parts of the complex financial architecture.. Alternatively, add a space a Castle e Oak treeThe first two parties are ready to grant 250 million financing, and the third aims instead at 150 million while also participating in the refinancing of international bonds. The American company is, in fact, one of the most exposed subjects of the 375 million bonds the club has issued with maturity in 2022.

GOODBYE LION ROCK – Once the loan arrives, which will be granted to Great Horizon Sarl, the Suning Holding Company in Luxembourg, Zhang will pledge the club’s shares. By raising the capital, Great Horizon will transfer money to Inter. In operation, LionRock, the current owner of 30.5% of the capital, will leave the scene: thus, Suning will acquire 100% of InterWith the possibility of selling to an American investor in a second stage. Critical week: Because too, between Thursday and Friday, Stephen Zhang will return to Italy. The future of Inter …

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