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From Bentley Continental to Mercedes to the latest Maserati Levante Trofeo. Romelu Lukaku, Inter striker car group

Lukaku, Mercedes and Maserati: the cars in the garage of the Inter bomber
Lukaku, Mercedes and Maserati: the cars in the garage of the Inter bomber

Inter striker Romelu Lukaku He interprets his role as amalgamation, as the development of traditions in unexpected directions. He is a striker with physical and muscular strength that recalls the numbers 9 from the past, when the numbers set the spots and he played in the center of the zone, you should be tall and strong in the head. But he is also a technical, fast, irresistible player when he gets going. is beingPast and future togetherCompletely immersed in the zeitgeist. Like the Maserati Ghibli Who stood with him in front of the San Siro a year ago, marking the beginning of a new era for the Italian home.

In fact, Maserati is also developing a hybrid Ghibli, which is environmentally friendly but with the same taste of performance as its predecessors. Frame with flashes of anodized blue, 330hp turbo engine, carries the brand into the future.

A future in which the Belgian Inter striker would retain a leadership role. In fact, he recently revealed the new creature that enriches his group, One Lift the cup Faster versions of this model. The car has the highest specific power ever (156 hp) of a Maserati engine.

It accelerates from 0 to 100 km in 4.1 seconds, and reaches a top speed of 300 km / h depending on the configuration of the European markets. Tested on all kinds of roads, and all the ones Lukaku has traveled to be called a man, Levante chronicles a written evolution in the aerodynamic search for the tire and on the inside of genuine leather.

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Lukaku’s career also tells of the passage of time, marked by luxury cars that gradually enriched his garage.

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Lukaku’s passion for Mercedes

Lukaku's passion for Mercedes: GLS 63 (Getty photo)
Lukaku’s passion for Mercedes: GLS 63 (Getty photo)

The Belgian, as told by The Sun, was driving a Bentley Continental GT when he was playing for Everton. For his transfer to Manchester United, he gave himself up Rolls-Royce WraithStylish and powerful. Status code, then explained to then CEO Torsten Muller-Ă–tvös. “The ultimate gentleman’s GT, it promises the same sense of adventure and speed that moved its founders“He said.

Lukaku kept the predominant black color that makes the model creative, but first painted the doors white, then moved to a version more in keeping with the United colors: an all-black frame with red inserts, Including the inevitable Aktasi Spirit Statue.

Rolls-Royce Wraith is among the cars in "garage" In Lukaku (Photo by Getty)
Rolls-Royce Wraith, among the cars in Lukaku’s “garage” (Getty Images)

In his English period he also added three Mercedes cars. Choose the GTR-Coupé, Is among the most powerful and fastest sports cars of the German company, with acceleration from 0 to 100 in 3.5 seconds. Once again, he wanted to be painted black.

It is reflected, to some extent, in the GLS 63, A huge and powerful SUV that can reach 270 km / h despite its payload of nearly three tons. He even allowed himself one S-Class Coupe, Sumber Nera, Alluring and attractive, enhanced by the special function of dynamic tilt when cornering.

The details that make the difference when style and performance meet. This is true for Mercedes as well as Lukaku’s shots that sparked the passion of the Inter fans.

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