Insubria grew and the number of medical professionals doubled

Students of the University of Insubria in Varese and Como are back in the classroom. One year after the university closed due to the health emergency, first-year students of their three-year and master’s courses are back in class, with masks and space between desks.

The gradual return to normal life is governed by a strict safety protocol: before entering the classroom, the temperature is measured, and through the application it is possible to reserve a seat for an individual. Moreover, it is expected that Even in the case of the orange zone, lessons can last 50%.

A report from Tgr by Paula Colombo, broadcast this morning in the 7th and 3o edition of Buongiorno Regione and replayed during the Evening News, said to the restart of the University of Varese. “I am happy to be back in the seats. This fact was so missing”, Communication Sciences and Technologies student says Francesca Cisotto.

In this year of distance learning, up to ten thousand students were registered to call each month. A challenging experience in many ways, but it also allowed us to discover new ways of teaching and organizing As University President Angelo Tagliabue confirmed in the interview with TGR: “The father allowed us to provide the environment, more dynamism in decision-making and a good solution was found for many educational activities.”

In such a particular year an increase in members is confirmed, Up to 1% in medical schools. Distance lessons in this sector are especially difficult, said the two Taliban, Mauro Voltina and Matilde Diotalevi, but the will never stopped. In fact, the number of medical professionals nearly doubled during the health emergency.

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