Instructions for calculating incentives and payments

Superbonus Tourism 2022: Instructions for calculating incentives, non-reimbursable contributions, and tax credits equal to 80 percent of eligible expenditures are received from the Department. In the public notice, issued on April 11, there are also indications to forward payment requests and useful documents to begin the disbursement process.

Tourism bonus 2022: while waiting List of beneficiary companieswhich will be about half of those who applied for Instructions for Calculating Incentives: To determine the amounts start from Non-repayable contributions Then continue with Tax credit equal to 80% of expenses.

In addition to looking at The ratio between available resources and required amountsit will also be necessary to take into account Quotas for interventions implemented in the southern regions and for Energy rehabilitation.

In the’General Notice April 8 Procedures to be followed and documents to be submitted Request for unpaid contribution payments and the Recognition of tax exemptions.

Superbonus Turismo 2022, Incentive Calculation Instructions: How To Determine Amounts

The Calculating the incentives Submitted by Tourism bonus 2022 It is based on a series of rules.

The first, general, relates to Two types of benefits Expected:

  • On the total eligible expenditures, the Non-repayable scholarshipwhich cannot exceed 50 percent of the expenses incurred and in no way exceed the ceiling of €100,000 per beneficiary;
  • employment Eligible expenses not covered by the scholarshipthe incentive is calculated on 80% tax credit.

Other operational indicators given inNotice from the Ministry of Tourism on April 8instead related to Reframing incentives On the basis of available resources, 600 million in total, also based on Expected destination specific quotas.

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First of all, it must be emphasized 7,415 applications were submitted Through tourism companies all over Italy Deadline March 30, 2022. However, about half will be able to take advantage of the incentives, and likely to a lesser extent:

“In the event that the available resources are exhausted before reaching the target of the minimum number of 3,500 beneficiary projects and in order to determine the list of 3,700 tourism companies, in accordance with Article 3, paragraph 7 of the notice of December 23, 2021, the incentives will be reconfigured”.

how it’s going to be Amounts of unpaid contributions and tax credits?

  • One will be created Average threshold based on the ratio between available resources and the number of 3,700 tour operatorsThe amount will be paid to the beneficiary companies.
  • On the other hand, if the required amount is above the average, the rest will be reduced by a percentage.

we do Practical example: If a company asks for 100,000 euros in incentives and the average is 60,000 euros, then 60,000 euros will be guaranteed while the remaining 40,000 will be reduced by a percentage.

Once the calculation is made according to the described rules, it will be necessary to check whether 40 percent of the resources have been allocated to Interventions to be carried out in the southern regions And if 50 per cent is allocated to Interventions for energy rehabilitation investments.

If quotas are not respected, it will be necessary to review the rating.

Superbonus Turismo 2022, instructions for requests for payments

at Beneficiary companies Incentives will be recognized In chronological order, contact Complete the intervention in line with the funds allocated for each year.

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Requests for Grant payments and/or recognition of a tax credit It must be submitted with administrative and technical documents using Online procedure within accuracy The deadlines which will then be determined by the Ministry of Tourism.

Inside the gate Invitalia used to Request You have to follow a series of steps to Getting started with the incentives:

  • after executingAccess using SPID, CIE or CNSyou must enter the required information for Exchange request collection The non-repayable contribution and/or the use of the tax exemption;
  • Then an application form is generated with the indicated data and electronic signature Legal Representative
  • Finally, it is uploaded to the online platform Application form from exchange Non-repayable scholarship and/or from use of credit Together with the administrative and technical documents: from the invoice copy to the notification of the conclusion of the intervention, the long list is contained in the notification of April 11, 2022.

The benefits it provides Tourism bonus 2022 They are recognized at the end of a series of Checks the requirements and regularity of the tourism company who asked them.

Before reaching this stage, it is necessary to fix the first fixed points with an extension Publishing the list of the beneficiary tourism establishments Which must arrive within 60 days of the application deadline, and therefore on May 29.

Ministry of Tourism – Protection Alarm. 4986/22 dated 8 April 2022
Criteria for resource allocation, timing of submission of necessary documents and reporting methods for disbursing contributions and tax credits referred to in Article 1 of the Decree-Law of November 6, 2021, n. 152.
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