Insomnia: Here are the 7 best cures for Christmas and beyond, the restless nights always

Insomnia is a problem that many Italians suffer from.

But during the holidays are the times switch And insomnia can definitely get worse. During the holidays just be late and done bustle Even many Italians have a habit of insomnia Do not suffer from this disorder. If you go to bed too late, sleeping can become a problem.

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Insomnia Remedies (I Love Trading)

But also eat Too much food and eating too much can upset digestion Thus, it will cause insomnia even for those who do not usually suffer from this problem. If you’re having sleepless nights during the holidays, it’s only natural to get overwhelmed with euphoria But the danger then lies in sleeping too little and not recharging one’s energies.

You’re sleeping poorly, but there are effective treatments

Christmas and New Year’s parties and dinners They can lead us to neglect our health and sleep too little. sSo, whether the insomnia accompanies the person for a long time or whether the insomnia is temporary and caused by celebrations, there are exceptional remedies to avoid this nasty disease. First of all, you need to be very careful with exciting foods and drinks.

Certainly coffee should not be taken in the afternoon but only in the morning. Even fried dishes should be very limited because frying takes a lot to digest Therefore, there is no escape from spending a night in which you sleep badly. But it is not only coffee that should be avoided, alcohol and tea also lead to poor sleep.

Good and bad foods and important habits

Sure, there are some foods that come highly recommended. In fact, herbal tea is highly recommended. In fact, relaxing herbal tea helps you fall asleep without the need for sleeping pills, so it definitely is natural alternative Very useful and definitely needed.

Another thing that is absolutely recommended is to take a breath Slow and diaphragm when you’re in bed. In fact, if you realize as soon as you fall asleep that you are having difficulty falling asleep, slow breathing and diaphragmatic breathing can be very helpful. In fact, diaphragmatic breathing which is also called “belly” breathing naturally helps relax the body and mind.

Breathing as well as the right environment for sleep

In fact, if you’re having trouble sleeping, diaphragmatic breathing is a really good trick to allow our body to relax To use those substances that are produced by the brain Which helps him naturally in the stage of sleep.

How to avoid insomnia
How do I avoid insomnia / I love trading

But the really perfect trick is not to sleep in a room that is too hot, too cold, or with artificial lights. It is very important that the room is dark and if there is blue light for someone working on the computer It certainly won’t help us fall asleep, so the environment in which we sleep certainly plays a decisive role.

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