Insigne, Toronto hold on to Lorenzo: goalkeeper gesture

Atlanta (USA) – “Lorenzo Insigne faces a personal family situation You will not train. Domenico Criscito remained supportive of Lorenzo and his family. Out of respect for the Insigne family, we will no longer comment on this“With this press release, Toronto in fact announced the absence of the former Napoli playmaker for the very precise challenge against Atlanta, one of the most popular teams and the champions of Major League Soccer just a few years ago. Then they lost the game to Atlanta. The Canadians 4-2, a goal Another for Bernardeschi was not enough, but the thoughts of the fans, management and players on the field turned towards “Il Magnifico”, as evidenced by goalkeeper Quentin Westberg’s gesture.

Toronto, Westberg’s dedication to Insigne

It’s the twelfth minute of the match, the score is still 0-0 when Westberg Penalty deflects Luis Araujo. The 36-year-old French-American goalkeeper, who was framed by the cameras, stared into the lens and Imitate the number 24 with your fingers, what Lorenzo Insigne had worn for years on his shoulders in a Napoli jersey which he wanted to keep in his new Canadian adventure. The goalkeeper’s dedication to his teammate was also appreciated and proudly emphasized by Toronto, who shared the gif of the moment on his Twitter account, with a heart next to the number 24 in the caption.

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Toronto eager for Insigne: ‘Family problems, even Criscito with him’

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