INPS bonus, 600 euros for craftsmen and traders: answers to frequently asked questions

The INPS reward for craftsmen and merchants will not be included in state aid. It is the first dilemma that the FAQ system solves.

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There is no introductory leaflet to help the state to be able to access the € 600 INPS Bonus, designed for craftsmen and traders. Which two categories have suffered the most from the devastating effects of the pandemic. From the skepticism that so gripped the potential beneficiaries that the Revenue Agency decided to indicate all actions Through the FAQ system, Published July 28, 2021. A way to clarify the last ambiguities of the story and determine the requirements to access the Inps bounty.

Another loose knot relates to the issue of indicating amounts received for compensation for the Covid-19 emergency on the tax return. In this case, too, the Internal Revenue cleared the clouds, notably on repealing the legislation establishing the right to tax relief for bonuses and contributions subordinate to the Act of Society. The procedures for declaring commitments were also facilitated of companies and professionals.

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Inps Scholarship €600: Frequently Asked Questions Solves Explanatory Dilemmas

Amounts paid as compensation, in essence, will not contribute new previous to generate income. Therefore, it should not be mentioned in the state aid statement. These benefits also include the Inps bonus of €600, as the Foundation once again explained. It is, in fact, automatic tax assistance, Organized by Article 10 of the Ministerial Resolution issued on May 31, 2017. The same applies to non-repayable contributions, which in this case are paid directly by the Revenue Agency. The judgment will be valid if the help codes 20, 22, 23, 27 and 28 are present, since the credentials are already known to the organization.

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The clarifications also amount to tax credits that, on the other hand, will be indicated in the statement of state assistance to the extent of the amount equal to the credit owed, as described in Part RU. in the latter, Tax exemptions should be noted Related to lease contracts and adapting work environments. In practice, none of these will be included in the RE framework or in the IRAP form. Therefore, it was decided to significantly simplify the tax return during the drafting of the Sostegni bis decree.

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