ini italia VS University in the UK: here are all the differences!

Since the UK left the European Union, after Britain’s exit from the European Unionand speeches Disagreements between Italy and the United Kingdom It’s clear that they doubled, even for universities. Even once a possibilityErasmus Help spread greater knowledge to the cousins, and perhaps some points remain obscure today, especially to the younger ones.

One of the main issues is thatinstructions. Indeed, many students wonder if it is appropriate to move to England to continue their training. In general, the answer can only be positive, given that the experience abroad is always a source of interesting discoveries.

However, in addition to the quality of the education provided, it can be very useful to discover Differences between Italian and English universitiesEven if it’s just to make wiser choices that fit your needs. So let’s see what are the general similarities and differences between Italian and English universities, always keeping in mind that each course of study has unique characteristics.

Italian and UK Universities, Differences: Start and Duration!

One of the factors to consider in light of the conversion is the factor related to Duration: English degrees actually include three Yearswhich is called conversion program.
This is a preparatory year during which the language and academic skills required to meet the demands of universities for their degree courses are acquired. As we know, in Italy, the 3 + 2 base.

The commitment required also varies: generally in the UK lessons It covers 2-3 days a week, with a number of hours that broadly allow you to work in the meantime, as well as simplify the economic difficulties related to housing and food. There is also access to Student Finance which is accessible to all those who have selected or pre-selected status.

In Italy, on the other hand, although a certain amount of freedom is provided to students who are not enrolled, the amount of hours almost completely absorbs the time available to students, for whom study becomes I work full time (If you want to graduate in time, remember.)

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As for the beginning, as we know all universities in Italy start in the fall semester, specifically in September. British universities, on the other hand, They have admission (ie university admission) every month of the year except December. The main entry is almost always in September, but for some universities the entry is in January which is just as important
Jun. Not all of them have more than two intakes per year, but others can have up to five.

Differences between universities in the UK and Italy: exams

England and Italy are two separate worlds regarding exams The courses will follow annually. If provided in the first case Multiple units Annually to follow, with about three exams per unit, instead, we mainly think of credits (also found in the UK, but with different logic from university to university) to be achieved over three or two years, with courses of different weights.

In Italy oral exams It is the majority in the United Kingdom a task Instead, it’s written to be done at home, producing real articles with a specific deadline.

Apart from the classic barriers – the second Italian literature for example states overcoming the first pension – in Italy The road is free; In England, on the other hand, there is the possibility of having to repeat the whole year, with a lot of previous tests restarting, although it is possible to retry the tests during the year.

Going to university in Italy or in the UK: what is changing

Let’s look at some aspects of college life, starting with those who attend classes. In Italy the students It is very homogeneous in terms of age and ethnicity, while in the UK there is a large one multiculturalism – which means greater cultural richness, to which is added a good number of students over 40 (there are also here, but not in such proportions).

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Similar speech regarding teachers: English teachers always remember the need for a certain generalization, and maintain a closer and more open relationship with the pupils, also thanks to generally smaller classes and a partial abandonment of front-end lessons.

In this the British also help by providing Well Equipped CampusLarge in size and equipped with various recreational, sports and leisure facilities: all this means that pupils and students develop greater knowledge.

Degree courses in England or Italy: preparation

The discourse on preparation, as being natural, is much less clear-cut. We all know that British universities, along with American universities, are always at the top of the specialist rankings (even if the evaluation criteria are based on the characteristics of the above, with a somewhat controversial resonance effect).

In general, the British education approach is more geared towards the world of work, even when it comes to the academic outlet. The practical aspects of the courses come out arrogantly and reveal a pragmatic All Anglo-Saxon, which also pours into a file less topicsAll very specific.

In Italy preparation More in theoryat times really far removed from contemporary reality, but there is no doubt that the overall level of preparation, even for the commitment required, is indeed broader, as students speaking to fellow British public culture learners.

Direct consequences – or perhaps a cause? – I’m there too Degree Degree Importance, very important in Italy while not very influential in the UK; Moreover, many British universities do not require a diploma as a condition of access to their courses, which they consider sufficient Work and personal experiences (This is simply not possible in Italy.)

Finally, the high speed of the English university is also reflected in the postgraduate course in a dimension Master. The duration is almost always one year, but as for the principle of training equivalency, it corresponds to the Italian specialist, which provides for another two years after the three-year course. We may have gotten to Bell Base better prepared – but how? – To the world of work certainly with greater fatigue.

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Choosing a University in England: Who to Contact

If you intend to enroll in an English language university after this brief test, prepare yourself for a series of steps that must be respected with some interest. However, there are those who can help you, i.e. Need One Ltda London-based agency that deals free Lending a helping hand to international students in choosing the appropriate degree, college or master’s degree program. In fact, one of the services that Need One Ltd provides is services Counselingwhich is an orientation support for the university that suits you, through a Skills assessment The tendencies of each student depend on the agency.

In addition, the specialists of Need One Ltd are also interested in assisting with the preparation of the registration application and the submission of documents. Starting with this happens set of documentsin digital and therefore convenient online format, although it is also possible to request a live appointment for an interview in person.

The support also continues during the next stage, because the student is directed and trained in confrontation and Pass the required English language tests and any interviewsthus completing a preparatory course can guarantee admission.

To find out more, you can contact Need One directly on WhatsApp or via email:

phone: +44 (0) 7435705777
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