Inheritance question solved today, November 8, 2021: You can win 1,500 euros

Here is the solution to L’Eredità’s initial question: Flavio Insinna asked a very specific question, here’s the answer. You can win!

inherit insinna

Today Flavio Encina Like every week before the start of the real L’Eredità game, he had the opportunity to ask the audience from home to try and win the €1,500 gold tokens.

To answer correctly, we hope that the question posed by the famous presenter to the general audience of Rai Uno who follows the well-known quiz program from home every day, it is necessary to correctly answer the question posed by him today.

The question was as follows: in the game Ruzzica, large wooden discs are rolled. What was used in the past? Possible options were: cheese, cabbage or salami.

The first episode of the inheritance question: Here is the answer

What is the correct answer to the initial question of genetics that Flavio Insinna, Together with the wonderful teachers, did they have the opportunity to do this to the viewers? Many are wondering because they would like to try to become one of those who can be tempted to win 1500 Euros of gold tokens.

The correct answer was the first, which is the shapes of cheese. Anyone who knows this answer can call the number they see over and over in the broadcast and try to win a trial Type.

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as always the legacy In recent years, it has proven to be a true reference point for all quiz game lovers who, during dinner time, and while eating, have fun with the rest of the family guessing the answers of the contestants who dream, perhaps, one day, to be in their place to try to beat the champ and then, if To put it plainly, “surviving” the guillotine.

In short, the answer to the first question of Monday, November 8, 2021 from L’Eredità sulla Rosica We have provided it to you. There is nothing left to do but wish everyone good luck and the goddess is blindfolded with you.

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