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“Information of UFOs, immediately,” the United States Congress is lobbying the government and the military

“Information of UFOs, Immediately”, the United States Congress is pressing the government and the armed forces. The US Congress calls for clarification of the phenomenon of UFOs. A new hearing is scheduled for Wednesday to seek detailed information from the government and military on the sighting.

Many congressional representatives have expressed a desire to obtain UFO data and documents, and to do so they want to involve government and military forces. The hearing will take place in the House of Representatives, and will include two former pilots, Ryan Graves and David Fravor, who have said they came into close contact with flying objects on more than one occasion.

Former intelligence expert David Grosch, who claims the US has information regarding alien spacecraft, will also speak.

Republican Congressman Tim Burchett, who is known to be a strong supporter of the importance of revealing information about UFOs, stressed that the hearing will be different and aims to overcome previous obstacles posed by the Pentagon. Burchett criticized the wall of secrecy around these issues, noting that requests for documents and interviews with pilots were met with denials and evasive answers.

It is not only the Republican camp that raises questions about the issue of UFOs. Democrats are participating too. Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer recently introduced an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act to release all government documents related to unspecified weather events.

Interest in this issue is growing, and Congress hopes that this session will finally shed light on a phenomenon that has been “covered up” for decades. The main goal is to achieve greater exchange of information regarding UFOs.

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